Software Development



One of the key factors in Project Management concept implementation is the application layer that would support the process workflow. A proper software system provides the basis of the project management process automation and implementation. In their day-by-day activity, project team members have to organize their actions in an effective and easy-to-use system.

The main challenge of the technical team is to implement the best-in-class solution that has to respond to an ultimate scope – integrated software system to control the entire project lifecycle.

The big players from the software market place offer nowadays a high density of the solutions that cover almost any detail of the project management process. The flip side is the lack of a single integrated solution to exhaustively guarantee any Project Management Office (PMO) set-up.

Typical approach of the system implementor is to choose world-wide acknowledged solutions and their default integration. Not rarely, a common outcome is that the standard software is designed by the manufacturer for general usage and this could lead to a partial or even insufficient customization of a particular module, process or step. The workaround at this particular moment is to develop customized software that would fill a missing integration or even entire applications or modules.

Project Management Portfolio Consulting software development, implementation and support team has the experience and the ability to provide the customized applications that would cover the missing spots in the project management software system regardless of the client’s project specifics or adopted software.

The crucial benefit for our clients is our team’s systematic approach in the software development activity including the following steps:

  • the customer application workflow identification and definition
  • clarify and establish software features requirement
  • implementation specification definition
  • software development and testing
  • implementation and deployment of the software
  • user training on the process workflow and the application
  • further process optimization along with application update and support.


The above-mentioned process will provide the following Benefits to our customers:

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use system for every project member
  • Clear definition and response to client needs
  • Effective and efficient user training
  • Implementation assistance and support
  • A trackable management of the software development
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